Convenient Storage Place For Your Files And Photos

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It is a memory unit that works with electric power, which you can store all kinds of your files, accomplishing small but big things. These memories, which have a small RAM, can be ready for use as they delete the information in your request. In terms of its size, it can be placed in your handbag, clothes pockets or even your key ring.

Memories will not do any commands you didn't give. For this reason, you can encrypt, delete and make all your information ready for use again. Storage space will vary between 1GB-1TB. The ones that have the most attention in terms of usage are those with 8GB-16GB and 32GB capacity.

It can be used to store data or transfer data from one device to another. Just plug it into the USB Memory port of your device and easily access your data.

You can check our site for a USB Memory experience with storage space in any color and size. A high quality is waiting for you with the difference of Promoszen! ..


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